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After School Activities to do With Your Kids

The children are home school. Now what to do to keep them busy and entertain before dinner?

Here are 5 fun, healthy and productive activities to create every evening a blast.

1. Get Outside!

It is no secret that kids like to play outside but even moreover, it is essential for their health! The recommended amount of moderate physical activity for kids over 2 years old is 60 minutes daily. Playing outside is also great bonding time for the family.

2.Daily Recap 

Most people forget 80% of what they learned after 30 days if they don’t review the advice. To maximize your child’s schooling, question them to tell you 3 things they chanced upon at school that day. This will increase their memory retention and can lead to a longer dialogue about what they learned.

3. Conga and Clean!

Every kid loves to dance and caregiver or every parent loves a clean house, so why don’t you combine the two? Throughout your evening at some point, put on music for 10 minutes and have a cleaning dance party. Your kids are now in charge of tidying up their place but you can all smile while carrying it out.

4. Nutritious Nibbles

Snack time is typically desired before dinner and is a perfect chance to sneak in some additional fruit or vegetables for you youngsters. You’ll be able to test a brand new recipe from a different culture or educate your children concerning the benefits of whatever bite you choose. Check out our Pinterest for notions – fruit smoothies using a number of spinach really are a favorite of ours and a wholesome powerhouse!

5. Word of the Day

Take advantage of having a second language by implementing a daily word challenge at home. You can create a decal board to keep track of what words they remember throughout the week – one recalled word equals one decal! This can be a terrific strategy to produce a fun family rite and turn your kids into little Einsteins.

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  1. These are really great ideas. I will have to try the second language one for sure.

  2. Too many kids just sit inside these days! Go outside and play!

  3. I found if you take the time to get outside with them and do something active, work them til they are so tired you have alone time later.

  4. Anything but watch tv!

  5. Word of the day? Did you get this list from PeeWees playhouse?

  6. Tricking your kids into cleaning for you! I love it!

  7. The daily recap is a great way to help your kids retain what they picked up during the day.

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