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Avoid Doing Errands With Kids

Don’t run errands with your kids, if it can be averted. And in case you must, never take more than one kid. You may be able enough to manage/bear a fast run to Costco, dry cleaners or the supermarket with your children in tow, but it’s going to take years off your lifetime. Depending in your children’s ages, they grabbing everything or will either be bitching and moaning the whole time and throwing it on the ground or in your basket. You could accidentally find yourself buying $30 worth of toys and candy¬†that the kid threw on the sly in the basket.

If you are in this situation and a real bind can’t be averted, attempt all and any approaches to make this experience even the tiniest little more tolerable. Running errands with kids is about survival! Whether its bribery, electronics or bites, do what you need to do to make it through with your sanity intact (well, largely intact). Do not worry about all the folks who’ll be judging your Zen Parenting as you make your way down the cereal aisle. They won’t be able to envision the immensity of the f*ck you will not give about what they believe, one child is elbow deep in chocolate covered pretzels and because you are halfway done with your shopping and the other has their nose in an iPad. In the Not Zen Mother world, we call that a SUCCESS!

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  1. I never thought about this once. Im sure some people cant help but have their kids with them, but avoid if possible.

  2. Some of us moms have no choice but to take our kids with us almost everywhere!

  3. I have to watch my nephew on thursdays, which happens to be my day off. I usually have a lot of errands to run, things to get done. The problem is I can’t seem to take him anywhere because he is just such a BRAT.

  4. Whatever you do avoid the toy aisle!!

  5. If parents werent so afraid to discipline their kids maybe they would obey while youre out running errands.

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