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Kids and Pox. Simple Solutions That Help

It is the season of spots and pox. Actually, around 90 per cent of youngsters catch chickenpox – a highly contagious disease that is brought on by the varicella-zoster virus – before they reach the age of 4. Measles can also be on the rise, due to poor take-up of ...

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Balancing Both Work and Motherhood

Although there is no secret recipe to balancing motherhood and work, you will find a large number of girls around who’ve learned to get it done successfully, girls who have taken with this challenge and have come out on the top. I have been lucky to get the chance to ...

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Finding the Perfect Nanny

Did you know that for a working family with two or more kids, a nanny might be less costly than daycare? Think child care as an alternative to babysitting, when you hire a nanny. A good nanny ought to be able to drive them safely from place to place, understand ...

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How Do I Tell If My Child Sick for Daycare

It’s not necessarily simple. Obviously you don’t want your kid to pass all his pals a phlegmy cough, but it is a much more difficult call when he’s nothing more. Generally, you shouldn’t bring your kid to daycare if the sickness is contagious and could do anything more than make ...

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Childcare Option for Working Moms

So you’re finally headed back to work after a few years of staying at home with the kids. So what do you do now for your child care needs? Here are are some options. Child Care: Whether you are heading back to work full time, planning a night out together ...

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Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression can be hard to diagnose. So how do you know you have it? There are subtle clues. Here are a few: 1. You’re not able to sleep when the baby sleeps. “Some people are terrible at napping, if a infant is sleeping during the night and also you’re ...

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