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How to Keep Kids Entertained when They are at Home

During the dog days of summer, rainy days, and veritable blizzards in the backyard, it’s hard to shoo your kids outside. So… what is a parent to do? Not much. But there is plenty that children can do inside on their very own without touching a tablet or iPhone.

Try the following:

1. Read a novel.

This is really a go to favorite in our family. Our kids’ books are appropriate in our living room, accessible for access any time of day. The kids know they could pull a book off the shelves at any time and appreciate.

2. Write a publication.

They can compose literature, even though your kids are not yet writing fluently. Develop a collection of books that are blank, and let your children exemplify a narrative. Later, you’ll be able to write the words for them as they are dictated by them to you, or else they can sound out the words phonetically and write the story independently.

3. Act out a Play.

Does your child possess a favorite book that is perennial? Have her act out it — a move that is unique may be taken by the plot her own. While I had been making breakfast just this morning, my four-year old daughter said, “Mom, right now I am going on a walk at half past nine.”

4. Listen to your book.

Perceptible Children has a great variety of quality literature for kids, and Librivox has a HUGE variety of free public domain books. Download a few and either give your kid some cans, or play with the book over speakers while they play quietly.

5. Make an indoor clubhouse.

Corey wrote a fantastic post about how to build a blanket fort. Get your kid started, and find out how else they architect a little place in their very own.

6. A puppet show or play.

Amass a little number of hand me down clothes and thrift store finds in a dress-up box for your kids. They can utilize these to create costumes to get a play, with you as the audience.

You can even make a simple puppet show theatre with a spring-loaded curtain rod and a piece of fabric.

7. Have an indoor picnic or tea party.

Lay an outside tablecloth on the floor out, and revel in lunch together. Children think it’s a large treat to do the regular in a place that is unique, along with the flooring is among the places. Or brew up some warm tea (my daughter’s favorite is blackberry), and also have a little tea time in cups with saucers, alongside crackers or sweet bread for an afternoon treat.

8. Make homemade play-doh.

Play- doh made from scratch is unbelievably simple, and you also can make an endless array of colors with basic food dye. Plus, it does not have that awful commercial-brand scent. Spread the outside tablecloth on the ground, and give them dull knives, a rolling pin, and a few cookie cutters.

9. Help with chores.

Many younger kids believe it is a blast to assist parents with all the chores, but it is great for them to do chores anyhow even if they do not. It teaches kids that running the house is a household effort, and that life calls for work (and things we do not always enjoy doing). A preschool chore chart can be found by you on the downloads page.

10. Save up those TP rolls and wad your socks up.

Order TP rolls like bowling pins on a single end of the hall. Stock up a few balled-up socks on one other. Bowl or throw in the “pins,” and you have got an indoor bowling alley. There is loads of other crafts you can do with toilet paper rolls, too.


Even the parent can reap the benefits of this small break in the day. Crank up the peppy music and get dancing. 10 minutes some wiggles, and it is a stress relief that’s right for you, also. Here are a few thoughts for great children’ music.

12. Craft, craft, craft.

Our kids draw or create near daily. Keep a well-ordered art cupboard helpful, their muse hits, as well as supplies can be grabbed by your kids. Only use that handy outside tablecloth again when they wish to paint, and spread it at the kitchen floor. That is another infant’s-taking-a-pile activity.

13. Write a letter to some friend.

Old-fashioned letter writing is a dying art, what with e-mail being now’s communication method of choice. Help your child write a letter to Grandmother, her cousins, or a buddy, and make someone’s day when they open their mailbox several days after.

14. Have a playdate that is simple.

Invite your child’s good friend over–this often makes for an even simpler day, because your kiddo has a playmate rather than asking you to play with all the time. It depends on the particular buddy and the age, of course, but I’ve discovered that when my daughter has a friend over, I barely see her. They are engulfed in their very own small world in the playroom, content with the company of each other.

15. Play store.

Create distinct shop clothing from sale finds and thrift store. A notepad, pencil, apron, tray, and play food are all the kids have to play with eatery in the dining room table.

16. Rearrange the bedroom.

Let him explore his creative side and rearrange his bedroom, in case your child is old enough to safely move modest furniture about. According to the result, it may be a day create, or it might be a new irreversible appearance.


Bring several home, and let your youngster’s imagination take over. They may develop a castle, take off on a spaceship, or go sailing to a new world.

18. Go on a treasure hunt.

Think of some unusual spots around your property, or put some treasures in rooms and on ledges. If they can not yet read, draw a sketch of the hidden item.

19. Have them help with cooking.

If they’re old enough sift, to stir, and decant, make them help you with the fundamentals — pasta and pizza sauces, muffins, and breads are all child-friendly. And it’s a good chance to educate about numbers, fractions, nutrition, and providing for your family.

20. Nothing.

Boredom is not bad for children. Kids are seldom really bored, they merely have not recently exercised that part of the brain that demands them to use their imagination. Create a rule that if your kid declares they are bored, they will have to do chores. So whenever they truly can’t think of anything off hand to do… eventually, they’ll think of something.

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  2. Have them play video games. It will keep them entertained for hours.

  3. Awesome ideas! The next rainy day will be a fun filled one.

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