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Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression can be hard to diagnose. So how do you know you have it? There are subtle clues. Here are a few:

1. You’re not able to sleep when the baby sleeps. “Some people are terrible at napping, if a infant is sleeping during the night and also you’re lying there too concerned or worried to fall asleep it might be a sign of PPD,” Meltzer-Brody says.

2. You feel as if you can not appreciate your baby. It’s normal to feel a certain level of anxiety and stress when you bring a brand new baby house. “It is uncharted land,” she says. But in case you learn your anxiety is interfering with your ability to savor your infant, then that’s a sign which you should seek help.

3. You feel overwhelmed. Okay, everyone feels overwhelmed using a fresh infant. “The difference between what is normal and what is not becomes a matter of how well you’re able to operate,” Meltzer-Brody says. With postpartum depression, you could feel so overwhelmed that you’re not able to sleep or eat and you feel like you’re fighting to make it through daily.

4. You feel like you’re coming out of your skin. Some women describe this as feeling “activated.” “You can not lie down, you’re crying, you can’t sit still, and you feel completely out of sorts,” Meltzer Brody says.

5. You experience obsessive ideas. You are positive that you’re planning to drop your infant when walking down the stairs or you are cooking in the kitchen and are worried the knife will hit the infant. “While moms are biologically wired to be on alert for risk, postpartum OCD is a standard adaptive procedure that is gone awry and no longer makes sense,” she says. (Read about another form of unhealthy fixation in My Fight with Orthorexia: How Healthy Habits Turned into an Eating Disorder.)

6. You’re irritable. Sadness and stress evident in other manners. “For lots of individuals, this comes out as irritability,” Meltzer-Brody says.

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  1. I think my wife suffers from this some but I dont know how to tell her.

  2. Oh man this all just sounds super depressing.

  3. I think we all suffer from this at different times in life.

  4. Anytime somebody has trouble sleeping or is in a bad mood we automatically think they are depressed. Sometimes people just have a bad day or week, doesnt mean they are depressed.

  5. These symptoms really hit home. I was wondering what was wrong with me.

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