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Time To Get Away From The Family

Being a Mom is a very challenging and unique experience to have. not only are you the love and support of the family but you also a home doctor, a accountant, a teacher and the organizer of the home. When you put all of that together, 24 hours in a day seems to miss some mommy only time. so heres a few things you can do for yourself that will help

1.go on a jog/walk

Even though this seems like you are doing an exercise it also allows you to get your own thoughts together. you will be given the freedom to finally relax and just enjoy the surroundings.

2 Read a novel alone.

Whether you are reading a self improvement book recommended with a buddy or the bible, take an evening of time plus use the mind to be renewed by it.

3 See a film alone.

Pick a film that you will definitely enjoy. sometimes going to a movie just to go is more of a burden than an enjoyment.

4 Shop alone.

Shopping alone is the best relaxation techniques not just for moms but dads too! you can relax when you are looking and just spend that fun cash!

5. Avocations.

Browse the DIY section that is pinterest or get a membership in a nearby fitness center. Learn what gets you thinking and trying new things.

6 Meet up along with a buddy alone.

While it is fantastic in order to get buddies who love and accept your children and perhaps have children themselves, all of US understand there is an impact between meeting up with a buddies with children vs without children. Good places to meet up are either at your local Bar/Restaurant or just a park where you can be yourselves without the constant thought of where your children are. Concerts and Sporting events are even better since there is a time block that you know will be taken up and you can plan out accordingly.


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  1. I spend more time doing the #2 idea on there, when I should be doing more of the #1 idea.

  2. Nothing better than a walk in the park to clear my mind.

  3. I feel like our family is so busy we don’t spend enough time with each other. We seem to come together on our days off.

  4. I love going to the movies alone.

  5. A little binge shopping always does the trick.

  6. How are you supposed to grow as a family if everybody wants to be alone all the time.

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