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Using time wisely

1- Step away from the computer and put down your phone

Because I need to be really aware with this one I place this as my first hint. Whether I am tidying the house or spending time with my children, I am way more engaged and successful after I step away from technology. Text messages emails, and social media are excellent thieves of time. Should you wish to have more time with your family members, give technology at specific times of the day up.
2- Get help

Enlist their help, in case your kids are large enough to help out with all the chores. Put dishes away and my youngest daughter likes to fold towels. My oldest daughter loves to sweep and mop. If you are working on chores together, you can nevertheless discuss and be lively.
3- Do deep freezer cooking or make food that is extra

Make several extra helpings of dinner if you can, and freeze them. You could likewise do freezer cooking and make all your meals a week or two ahead of time.
Without taking an item to put away, never leave an area. Make it a custom to pause in the doorway of a room and scan the area for whatever needs to be returned to a different room along the way. A glass in the living room could be brought to a filthy towel or the kitchen could be brought to the laundry hamper.
Every night before bed, I tidy the kitchen (i.e. place the dishes in the dishwasher, clean the sink, tidy the front entrance, and fluff the couch cushions). I find by achieving this, the house feels clean and willing the following morning to go.
I prefer to do one cleaning chore a day rather than clean everything even twice or once a week. You may download it here if you are curious about my cleaning schedule.
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7- Package snacks and lunch items

I love to have small snack packs for my girls. On a particularly busy week, I place them on the bottom shelf of the fridge, package their bites in advance, and will bake muffins for the week.
8- Make dinner together

I enjoy making dinner or baking with my children. It is a great solution to get in touch with them while still getting the chore of meal homework done.
9- Mess

I am not merely referring to purging the belongings in your house when I say jumble. You ought to also look at littering your schedule while having less things means having less to clean and maintain. Which actions usually are not crucial? Consider dropping them.
Speaking of schedule, my most significant trick would be to schedule your time effectively. Look at all of your responsibilities in the day and record them into calendar and your daytimer. The #1 action to program… time on your own. It’ll be your most significant task if you make it the most critical daily occasion.

Time together with your kids or partner, the #2 task to program. Should you want to join with your kids or spouse, you must mindfully make the time to get in touch with them!

What would you do to reach a balance between managing your family freeing up time to do that which you like to do?

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  1. My phones eats up all my time!

  2. If only we could all buy more time. There just isn’t enough to go around.

  3. Stay organized!

  4. I’m almost done with my time machine. I will let you know renee!

  5. Time and money the two things nobody ever has enough of.

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